Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You’ve Never Considered

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Around three years ago, a man from Florida paid over a thousand dollars for a single slice of 36 year-old wedding cake. As anyone planning a wedding knows, wedding cakes can be quite expensive, especially as you add speciality fondant, more tiers, and gourmet fillings. But this slice, was quite literally, a slice of history: […]

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How to determine who to invite to your wedding

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Some of the first tasks that come to mind when planning a wedding, like selecting a venue or catering service are in fact, impossible to accomplish. That is, until you take the first, crucial step: Making the guest list. There are few things that are more difficult, and even controversial in wedding planning than the […]

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Why We Should Be Treating Wedding Guests Like Customers

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If you’ve planned a wedding for yourself and your partner, you know that it’s something you’re glad will only (hopefully) happen once. Kate (my amazing wife) and I planned our wedding with relative ease. I say “relative” ease in both senses of the word – meaning, our families were luckily not a huge pain in […]

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Creative Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding

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A wedding takes the average couple over a year to plan, yet passes by far too quickly on the actual day. Between getting dressed, traveling to and from ceremony and reception spaces, and the number of traditions most couples try to incorporate, one of the happiest days is also one of the most fleeting. That’s why […]

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The 5 Best Bridesmaid Gifts for any Wedding

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Make no mistake: bridesmaids are a very important part of most weddings, helping with everything from helping the bride select her dress to planning to hosting pre-wedding festivities, and even making sure the wedding day runs smoothly. So it would be a huge mistake to make them feel unwanted, or worse, outright insult them. That’s […]

February 4, 2018

Wedding Guest Cancellation Etiquette

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You’ve marked your calendar, replied to the invitation, and even marked your entree of choice. As a wedding guest, you’re looking forward to celebrating the day with the bride and groom, and probably busy buying gifts, getting a final haircut, and finding a perfect outfit. But, as the saying goes, life happens. You come down […]

December 14, 2017