Creative Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding

Featured, Ideas & Inspiration / Thursday, December 14th, 2017

A wedding takes the average couple over a year to plan, yet passes by far too quickly on the actual day. Between getting dressed, traveling to and from ceremony and reception spaces, and the number of traditions most couples try to incorporate, one of the happiest days is also one of the most fleeting.

That’s why it’s important for couples to preserve memories they can reflect on years down the road. While traditional photography, and, increasingly, videography, are excellent ways to record the day and preserve memories, there are also simpler, and cheaper ways that can still bring back great memories.

Enter the wedding guest book: a simple accessory that couples may overlook, or even skip altogether. But wedding guest books are an excellent way for couples to remember every person that was at their wedding, and also a great way for guests themselves to feel welcome and a part of the celebration.

Think wedding guest books have to be traditional (and somewhat boring)? For the couple and the wedding that wants to add a unique touch to a long held and useful tradition, there are plenty of options! Here’s a look at the best creative wedding guest book ideas. Ands none include a traditional “book”:

  1. For the Rustic Wedding: Rustic, barn-chic, or classy country. Whatever you call it, this type of wedding calls for natural shades, burlap, and handmade (or a nod to) decor. Ditch the book for a wooden board or sign. Guests can sign their names in Sharpie paint markers. Dress it up by adding a tree design: guests sign on a leaf, with the couple’s name at the base of the trunk. For a simpler but equally clever touch, dress up a wooden guest board with a simple leaf design.
  2. For the Destination Wedding (or the couple who loves traveling): Destination weddings may be romantic and alluring, but they do require guests to travel, sometimes long distances. Thank them and nod to your own theme with poster, canvas, or wooden map. Opt for either a world map, where guests can map their travels, or a more local map, where guests sign where they’re from. This is an especially good idea if you have guests from many different locations around the country. You can also opt for an actual globe, which would be a spectacular desk accessory!
  3. For Something Classically Romantic: Having a traditional church wedding but still want to add a flair of modern romance? Opt for custom poster or colored cardstock in a frame. Select your wedding colors, and go with a romantic pattern, like these hearts. Or use a professional photograph of your wedding venue and have guests sign for a wall-worthy decor.
  4. For the Playful Couple: Who says getting married, and remembering the day, can’t be fun? Make or purchase a life-size puzzle; you can either connect the pieces yourself, or have some guests have a go at it after they sign their names. Other ideas: have guests sign scrabble letters or a customized deck of cards so you’ll remember them everytime you play.

If you’re looking for more ways to give your guests a voice and feel like part of the family, sign up for the Guestboard waitlist! Guestboard is a simple wedding communication platform that lets guests interact, allowing them to share flight/hotel deals, post questions, share their excitement and more!

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